Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Dead End

I knew
from the start
that this would end
before it even began,
like ouroboros
in search of itself,
constantly reinvented,
but I went ahead
through that dead-end street
and found you still waiting
for my expected return
even as this love
will once again
lead us both


Dedicated to Maria Pearce

The day I cleared out your room,
months after your parting,
when the days became a blur
without you and the nights
harvested vivid dreams, I found
your reading glasses in the bookcase
where you had last left them,
no longer needing them on
those last days we were together,
trying to hold on to the life
we had built but knowing
I had to let you go, and even so
nothing prepared me for no longer
having you, hearing your voice,
living without you. And now,
having the choice to hold on
or to let go, I decided to donate
those glasses with the smeared lenses,
that somehow saw me as I am
and loved me through it,
to someone else who would see
the beauty of a transient life.

Snakeskin Haiku

I have outgrown us
like molting you from my skin
and watching you go

Choking On Silence

Sometimes I keep my words
clenched between my teeth,
my tongue bitten by silence
even as I yearn to tell it all.


I lose myself in my own thoughts,
not bad ones or good ones
but blank ones that leave
holes in my thinking, leaving
them open for cadgers to burrow
into my brain and leave maggots
where once butterflies roamed.

Ghost Lover Haiku

You're my ghost lover
hidden inside the beauty
of a broken heart.

I Never Told You

I never told you the truth,
that resin that bonds people together,
tethered to each other by a fragile thread
that hangs from the longing of falling in love.

I never told you how I felt,
wavering feelings that teeter
on the unsaid, hoping you could hear
the beating of my heart, my pulse
palpitations beneath parchment skin
where I write love poems in invisible ink.

I never told you how my thoughts
gravitate around the heat of your skin
like stars drawn into the supernova
of your mouth where I daydream
of reaching your lips and leaving
traces of me on your tongue.

I never told you the ways
I yearn to touch your beautiful face,
the tips of my fingers tingling
with excitement to discover the topography
of your flesh, to feel your whiskers
against my check when I lean in,
the contours of your neck sweet under my kisses,
and you become the grail of my desire.

I never told you
because I haven't met you.