Wednesday, September 24, 2014

In Between

Inspired by Jacob Erin-Cilberto's "In-Between"

I feel like January
when everything is close to dying
and the wind prepares eulogies,
but the sky is only partly cloudy,
the sun looking on in suspicion,

because it isn't officially winter
and you aren't officially dead,
simply perishing under the weight
of leaves that haven't fallen
but still crumble beneath my feet
walking towards you without
knowing that I crush you too.

I feel like January wondering
when this season will pass and the next
will bring you back to me in the breeze
of another sunset and another spell

Friday, September 5, 2014

Two Seasons

Two seasons later and thoughts of you
surface like buried treasure hidden
in the depths of my heart,
an emotional whirlpool swirling
at the sight of someone else's loss,
someone else's sadness,
florets of memories alight
in the wind, the air heavy
with rain still falling
since the day we parted,
and loss takes on a new pain.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Lo Que El Viento Se Llevó

(En el estilo de James Foley)

Quiero que se sienta como la salida del sol al amanecer
cuando Dios toca
      a la puerta de
           mi alma
y espera a que responda a Su llamado.
Quiero que huela a hierba recién cortada.
Yo quiero que suene como el silencio de la naturaleza
antes de los temblores de noches costarricenses.
Quiero que se sienta como verdadera pasión.
Yo quiero que se vea
como el horizonte de
"Lo Que El Viento Se Llevó."
Quiero que se vea como
murciélagos que se escapan en el crepúsculo.
Quiero que se sienta como
      la libertad de alas largas
           en la brisa fresca,
                como la puesta de sol
                   tarde en el solsticio de Verano.
Quiero que mi paz suene
como el rock Latino y el cine en español.
Quiero que se vea como
la piel de mi hija, el color de melocotones.
Quiero que se vea como la aurora boreal.
Quiero que suene como
las oraciones de mi abuela
      en la oscuridad matutina.
Quiero que se vea como
el Otoño, la puesta de sol en la noche y
la belleza de las hojas sonrojándose
en la pureza de su hermosura.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Sundew Yearning

Bare-handed, I reach into the fire,
burning my fingerprints smooth
enough to leave a mark
upon your heart and still
drag you back here with me,
like dawn hauling the sun
up to the horizon, light
stealing through darkness,
or a sundew luring others
to suck nectar from its bosom,
inhaling them into colorful traps. 
Is that what we've become?

Thursday, August 28, 2014

In the style of James Foley...

I want it to feel like sunrise at dawn
when God knocks
     on the door of
          my soul
and waits for me
to answer His calling.
I want it to smell like recently cut grass.
I want it to sound like the silence of nature
before the trembling of Costa Rican nights.
I want it to feel like real passion.
I want it to look
like the horizon of
"Gone With the Wind."
I want it to look like
bats that escape into twilight.
I want it to feel like
     the freedom of long wings
          in the cool breeze,
               like the sun setting
                  late into the summer solstice.
I want my peace to sound
like Spanish rock and film scores.
I want it to look like
my daughter's skin, the color of peaches.
I want it to look like the Northern Lights.
I want it to sound like
my grandmothers prayers
     in the matutinal darkness.
I want it to look like
Fall, the sun setting at evening and
the beauty of leaves blushing
in the purity of her comeliness.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Ah, to be Young and Foolish

 "Ah, to be young and foolish,"
to give in to the impulses to run,
to escape into myself and hide
within the pages of a book, or
the arms of my college sweetheart;

to become a bohemian gypsy
with flowered hair, dancing
windswept around the bonfires of life,
with bracelets dangling like music
hung on the tip of my tongue,
kissing the tip of yours;

to sing out loud like euphonious birds
unfazed by those who steal a listen;
to walk naked around the house
with the elegance and insouciance
of a sexy model on a runway;

to pilfer the sands of Time
and love like butterflies in Spring,
and then come back to now
to find you still by my side.

Monday, July 14, 2014

I Will

I will.

I will birth the sun in my womb
and let it shine upon my cobwebbed soul
like an exploding nova in the dark.

I will let the rain dance on my skin
and come alive in its own music
beating against my spirit in
rhythmic beauty and emotion.

I will.

I will speak with a gentle tongue,
caressing my words with gratitude
and kissing them gently on the lips
like a lover upon waking.

I will love myself for who I am,
with the natural curves of a river,
undulating towards you until
I reach the mouth of my passion,
the serenity of my sea.

I will.